Why Do We Cry?

What is it that makes people cry? Why do people break down? Is it because they are taken over by their worlds – the world outside or is it because their inside is not in sync with the rest of the universe. Is it the way of the universe, the two worlds – inside and outside to balance themselves?

Or is it just a way of tiring yourself, so that you then become too tired and rugged to actually think of your problems. To make bodily pain more than that inside you, so that you find the latter tiny. When your eyes swell up, redden, and the body is dehydrated enough to decrease your brain activity.

Is it that the face that you wear for the world is no longer valid, its broken, and the second skin is shedding off as tears. Revealing the real you inside. Breaking free, from the pressure of maintaining that mask. We all wear masks. Whether we like it or not. The real you doesn’t deserve the harshness of the world. The reality, and hence you hide behind a false laughter, disguising as ‘one of them’, while all this time someone inside is knocking, knocking. And finally breaks through.

Is crying a process of distillation then? Because what remains after the tears have dried is the real you. Finally out. Finally at peace with the world.

Everyone cries, Everyone breaks down. If you haven’t, then some day you will. That day go look at yourself in the mirror. Look into the bloodshot eyes. They are beautiful. They are truthful. How long can you hide this beauty in you? Hence you cry.

If you believe in God, it’s his way of telling ‘stop pretending’.

We all know when we cry. We cry when we’re sad, and we cry when we’re happy. We cry when we’re lonely, when we’re in pain, when we hear bad news, and when we hear good news. We cry when we’re so overwhelmed with work or debt or family or life in general that we can no longer cope, and we cry when we’re so filled with joy that we want hug the world

It’s been long since I last cried. Eons. It’s because I gave up the mask long ago. Gave up the Hypocrisy. It’s because unlike most I dared to stand up against the currents. Remove the membrane forever. I am hated. But them I am in equilibrium now, with creation. I like it when someone cries.

But then the membrane is replaced. Now with a different one. The rules change, permeability changes. You again start accumulating

Until the next time…


9 thoughts on “Why Do We Cry?

  1. That’s a really great though and somewhere we all experienced it. The way you discribe, it’s beautiful.


  2. Nice one Anmol.. I would like to add in it a factful and suggestive thought .. When u cry for something , try not to cry for the same thing again.. because the second time u weep for it , it comes up with increased pain and increased chance of crying for it again..

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